Commissioned Comics for NUHS:
Your App-solute Guide to Incredible Care

I worked with Brandon from Service Transformation team at NUHS – they are also the team behind the OneNUHS App NUHS – to create a short comic series. The 3 episodes in the series touched on different benefits of using the OneNUHS application, and we wanted a light-hearted and easy-to-digest way to deliver the messages to our target audience.

We used colour tones matching those of the NUHS logo, so this allowed the panels to be vibrant and colourful while still keeping a similar colour palette. 

The first episode is about how Kamilah learnt that the app is able to access all her health records easily. 

The 2nd episode was about how Ah Liang helped his mother update her details via the app so she didn’t have to go down to queue and do so in person. 

Finally, the 3rd episode was about how Mr Vik realised that he could use the app to check for available appointment slots to see a doctor on the day itself.