Custom Illustration for Wedding Invitation - Shaiful

Here’s a custom illustration for a wedding invitation I made for Shaiful. We wanted to go with a deep blue background so that the flowers and text would stand out. To get that effect, I painted the flowers in vibrant gouache so they would not look washed out, and we decided to use gold foil for the names. The text was done digitally.

The same artwork was used for the welcome board and was printed on compressed foam with a matte laminate. For the board, the names were not in gold foil, but we used a similar colour that would look bronzy when printed.

Love how rich and colourful this one looks!

His wife Dalilah did her own version for her set of invitations – It’s like an inverse version of this design, so click here to check it out!

Custom Illustration - Wedding Invitation for Shaiful
Custom Illustration - Wedding Welcome Board for Shaiful
Sketch - Profile Picture - Ong Lai Art