Shop Update! – July 2023


So for those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll know that my shop has been around for a while, and I usually do updates of 1 or 2 items. This time it’s a bigger update with all stuff, and also because I’ve moved to setting up an online shop away from the Etsy marketplace, prices are better too!


New Platform, Better Prices

So Etsy provides a good marketplace for me and all, but increasingly there’s just too much fees for me to be able to charge my customers fairly and make a profit. With my new shop, things are more affordable for me, and that means better prices for you! Also, there’s a SALE! Buy any 3 items and get 10% off automatically! Some items also have been discounted! 


New Items In Stock

I have new stuff in stock! New pin and stickers. The theme this time revolves around my Floral Critters series, which has gorgeous blooms with cute little animals, and I hope you enjoy these little creations!

 Camellia Bunny Vinyl Sticker – one of the new items in stock now!

My Etsy shop is still around, and I’m also playing around with the Shop platform on Ko-Fi, so you can shop there, but I do encourage you all to support my new stand-alone shop! 

Let me know if you have visited and if you have any feedback at all! I hope you enjoy shopping in my new little shop!


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