Illustrations - Storytelling Panels - The King and his Bronze Elephant

This project was done for the Singapore Discovery Centre, where a set of illustrations were needed to support the story of ‘The King and his Bronze Elephant’. This is a story of when King Chulalongkorn visited Singapore and presented us with a bronze elephant statue as a gift, and you can still see it when you visit the Old Parliament House.

The story is meant to explain diplomatic relations to young children and hence we wanted to go for a colourful palette with images that they can related to. An example is how I chose to demonstrate how the King went about learning about Singapore. I decided to have the King and his entourage visit the gardens and have tea with a wise old man. While the imagery was fictional, research was put in as to what colours the King and his entourage would have worn during those times.

The artwork was sketched in ink and coloured digitally.They were then printed on pull-up banners for use.

Sketch - Profile Picture - Ong Lai Art