Custom Illustration - Family Portrait and Birthday Gift - A Family that explores nature together stays together

I created this personalised illustration of a customer’s family. This was her gift to her husband. We wanted to create a few ideas. One – the family explores nature together. Two – everyone was chatty, and that her husband would be quietly there listening to everyone.

Instead of having text, I had the topics that each family member talk about be in illustrated form, save for the sound effect made by the baby.

There was a lot of referencing to the many photo, discussions and checking back with the customer constantly – had to ensure I drew each family member correctly, you know! At last we finally created a piece that fully represented what we envisioned – green, no text, and said a thousand words about family.

Ong Lai Art - Custom Illustration - Original Artwork - Family Portrait and Birthday Gift - Draft
Drafts for artwork - pencil
Sketch - Profile Picture - Ong Lai Art