Educational Poster for S'pore Discovery Centre

Poster - Help Defeat Covid-19

I created this educational poster for Singapore Discovery Centre to highlight how we, the general public, can do our part to defeat Covid-19 and keep morale up here in Singapore. I also adjusted the artwork for social media, which can be seen in the gallery carousel below.

The theme was to use mainly images in the form of emojis and thought bubbles to convey the messages. All the situations are set in the MRT platforms and cabins.

The artwork was drawn in pencil, inked with a fineliner and coloured digitally with Photoshop.

If you are from an educational institution and would like a high-resolution print of this poster, you can contact Singapore Discovery Centre.

If you would like to check out the social media posts in the flesh, I’ve included a link to this post on Singapore Discovery Centre’s Instagram page below.

Concept Sketches

Initial concepts for the images 'Thank you Cleaning Staff' and 'Being vigilant of your news sources' - featuring a different layout and perspective .
Initial draft of poster