Ong Lai Art

Ong Lai Art was born in 2019 in sunny Singapore when I left my day job to draw full time and since then, I have been in the business of turning people’s ideas, memories and stories into art.

‘Ong Lai’ is ‘pineapple’ in the Hokien dialect in Singapore, and I wanted a name that represented my Singaporean identity. Also, my surname (family name) is ‘Ong’. Then when you add ‘Ong Lai Art’ rhymes with ‘Ong Lai Huat!’, which is pretty good too. Haha.

My sister, Wei Shan, joined me in 2023, and now with 2 Ongs onboard, we hope to be a studio that uses illustration, animation and post-production work to really turn your ideas, memories and stories alive.

-Wei Ting

For more of our work and interesting sharings, you can visit our Facebook or Instagram pages @onglai.artt


If you are interested in finding out more about the artistic and media services we have, or if you have any questions, please drop us an email at idrawstuff@onglaiart.com!


I’m a self-taught illustrator and my love for drawing came from tracing Disney storybook illustrations and making personalised cards for my family and friends. I’ve come a long way since then! These days I work with traditional mediums like watercolour and ink, and I also do digital illustrations and 2D animation. History, Singaporean culture and history, Chinese culture and cute things inspire me.

To see what’s in my sketchbook and what else I have been up to, you can follow me @ongweiting on Instagram.


I’m a media professional who specializes in Post Production work in filmmaking. My specialisations include Video Editing, 2D Animation (Adobe After Effects), Colour Grading and Sound Design. Other filmmaking roles that I enjoy doing outside of Post Production roles would be Director, Scriptwriter and Ideator.

I’ve got a diploma in Mass Media Management (Nanyang Polytechnic), and an honors degree in Film (Lasalle College of the Arts).

I’ve enjoyed thinking up stories and concepts in my head since young, and I’ve been very inspired by the ‘Behind the scenes’ and ’In the making’ videos from Disney and Pixar. Seeing things being created from the brainstorming stage, then having it come to life on screen – these really bring me a lot of joy.

I enjoy bringing a sense of wonder to my work, bringing a sense of magical elements to my style. I also like to take up the challenge of adapting this style to genres that you won’t usually expect, creating chances for new styles and creativity to emerge.

Previous Clients include:

Singapore Discovery Centre
HCA Hospice
Taman Jurong Community Centre
Laura Ellington Music
Civil Service College

Artist Commission

Evokx Choir, sponsored by the National Arts Council – Virtual Concert: ‘Resonance Reimagined: A Prelude’, 2021
National Museum of Singapore and Maybank – Rooting for Change: Artistic Responses to Climate Change and Sustainability, 2022