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Ong Lai Art
Ong Lai Art was started in 2019 by Ong Wei Ting (that’s me!), and I used the words ‘Ong Lai’ because I wanted  something that encompassed my Singaporean, Chinese and Hokkien identity, Hence I chose the pineapple – a fruit we are all familiar with in the tropics, and whose name in the Chinese Hokkien dialect is ‘Ong Lai’ – we share the same first character in our name! Phonetically.
Also I drew a cartoon pineapple and I think it’s cute.
Almost 4 years on, and I’m still in the business of turning people’s ideas, memories and stories into art. My work revolves around 2D illustrations, character design, 2D animation, story-telling, comics, posters and I hope to continue looking for a greater variety of work! For my individual clients, I have done very personalised items like wedding stationery and online messenging stickers. For my larger corporate clients, I have done 2D animation for music videos, illustrations for educational collaterals and comics to inspire innovation.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more or work together with me!
For more of my updated work, you can visit my Facebook or Instagram pages @onglai.art
Ong Wei Ting 
I’m an illustrator from Singapore and I enjoy working with traditional medium like pencil and watercolour, as well as digital tools like my Samsung phone, tablet and Wacom tablet. I have been doing illustration part-time on top of my day job for many years, but took the plunge to do illustration full-time in 2019.
Things that inspire me are food and drinks, history (especially Singaporean and Chinese history) and bright colours! I hope to use my art to tell the stories that need to be said more, to inspire others and myself to do more for our world, and remind all of us that we can make a difference to do what is good.
People say I have a style, but I feel like I’m still searching for it, so let’s see where this journey leads me to.
For more personal artwork, you can visit my Instagram page @ongweiting 
Clients include:
Singapore Discovery Centre
HCA Hospice
Taman Jurong Community Centre
Laura Ellington Music
Civil Service College
Artist Commission
Evokx Choir, sponsored by the National Arts Council – Virtual Concert: ‘Resonance Reimagined: A Prelude’, 2021
National Museum of Singapore and Maybank – Rooting for Change: Artistic Responses to Climate Change and Sustainability, 2022